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In order to manage the region from Lake Constance to the Allgäu and Upper Swabia to the Swabian Alb, we work together with several partner dealers in the respective regions.

Übersicht Neyer Landtechnik Partnerhändler

Brachat & Schönle KG

Since November 2012, the Brachat & Schönle KG with managing director Florian Schönle in the Gewerbestraße in Gottmadingen is our partner dealer. As a medium-sized company, Florian Schönle, like Neyer Landtechnik GmbH, attaches great importance to good service and maximum customer satisfaction. In addition to the sale of tractors and machines, Brachat & Schönle KG offers a workshop for agricultural and garden technology as well as other articles in the fields of agricultural, gardening, forestry and cleaning technology.


Neyer Partnerhändler Brachat &Schönle KG

Brachat & Schönle KG
Gewerbestraße 20
78244 Gottmadingen
Tel. +49 (0) 7731/ 9266-90


Moser Landmaschinen

Already in 1962 blacksmith master Otto Moser founded the repair shop for agricultural machinery in Hohenfels. In the course of time, the operation increased, the workshop and a sales room with warehouse and office were grown, thus expanding the storage and sales area. From 1980, an important branch of activity was added: the milking equipment and in 2013 the newly built modern workshop with crane was put into operation. Today, there are the main areas of agricultural engineering and milking technology with animal and housing technology.


Moser Landmaschinen
Hauptstraße 59
78355 Hohenfels
Tel. +49 (0) 7557/ 361


Wieser Agrar- und Gartentechnik

"For Raphael Wieser, agricultural machines are more than just big and loud monsters - for him they are a tool and a passion at the same time." Raphael Wieser has been managing director of the family-owned company founded in 1962. With a team of 10 employees, he not only offers sales but also a workshop and various services.


In addition, Raphael Wieser offers a solution for the time-consuming and strenuous lashing of fruit boxes. With the new TÜV-tested load securing roof, you can transport the fruit crates comfortably, quickly and, above all, safely with your trailer. Four strong hydraulic cylinders ensure that the load is evenly pressed onto the cargo bed, thus preventing it from tipping over or slipping away while driving. In addition, a tarpaulin protects the apples from rain, hail or sunlight and the apples can be transported safely and without causing any damage.

Neyer Partnerhändler Wieser

Helmut Wieser e.K.
Heiligenbergstraße 21
88697 Bermatingen – Ahausen
Tel. +49 (0) 7544/ 3534


Landmaschinen Bidlingmaier

Agricultural machinery Bidlingmaier has been a partner dealer of Neyer Landtechnik GmbH since 2018. The company's services include the trade and repair of agricultural and gardening equipment.

Landmaschinen BidlingmaierNeyer Partnerhändler Bidlingmaier
Stahlbrunnstraße 3/1
73266 Bissingen an der Teck
Tel. +49 (0) 7023/ 6744

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T 4.75S


The T4S tractors are multifunctional with their low power-to-weight ratio, low centre of gravity and equipment tailored to specific requirements.  Find out more now!