The world's leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery.

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New Holland is the world's leading brand of agricultural machinery for tractors and harvesters.

Since 1895, New Holland has been working for its mission of increasing agricultural efficiency and productivity through price-conscious technical solutions. In 2006, the company launched the Clean Energy Leader strategy for the active promotion of biofuels, emission reduction systems and sustainable agriculture. New Holland offers a wide range of easy-to-use tractors, harvesters and handling equipment to farmers with arable and livestock holdings, contractors, orchards and vineyards, as well as to green care professionals: A total of more than 80 product lines with over 300 models.

New Holland complements the world's largest range of agricultural machinery with efficient spare parts and after-sales service and tailor-made financing solutions from a well-established financial services provider in the agricultural sector. A comprehensive, professional global dealer network guarantees comprehensive customer service and expert support at all times and in all locations. Always close to the customer in all areas.

New Holland is a reliable partner for every farmer.



Precision Land Management

New Holland's PLM® solutions offer a wide range of applications. A comprehensive software package allows you to control all aspects of your business, increasing productivity and reducing costs. Telematics technology gives machine park managers the ability to communicate with their machines from the comfort of their office. You can stay in constant contact with your machines and send and receive real-time data, saving time and increasing productivity.

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New Holland Spare Parts

The entire system is aimed at perfecting the supply of spare parts. 

When ordering spare parts by 8:00 a.m., CNH guarantees same-day delivery before 14:00. It is also possible that during harvest periods, orders placed before 9 p.m. can be delivered during the night until 8 a.m. the next morning. Outside harvesting periods, orders must be placed by 18:00. Delivery takes place within 24 hours. Direct collection of the parts from stock can be organised by the dealers.

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T 4.75S

Komfort & Vielseitigkeit

Die T4S Traktoren sind mit ihrem niedrigen Leistungsgewicht, ihrer tiefen Schwerpunktlage und ihrer auf spezifische Anforderungen abgestimmten Ausstattung vielseitig einsetzbar.  Informieren Sie sich jetzt!