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GEA 2-Stufen-Separator

Compress wet fiber sliding off from an 8ft x 8ft Sloped Screen Separator for further reduction of the moisture content in the solids.

Functional Description

The 2-Stage Separator is normally installed on a platform raised above a concrete dry pad. The wet fiber sliding off from the Screen is compressed between a 8 feet wide rubber roller and a stainless steel screen roller that allows remaining liquid to drain out. This process brings the solid output level to approximately 18% dry matter.

The separated liquid is rejected through an 8" (203 mm) gravity discharge while fiber is stacked on the concrete pad underneath.

Details Request
  • Stainless steel sieve
  • 244cm wide press roller system



GEA Bogensieb-Separator

Use gravity to separate a large volume of very liquid manure with low solids content.

Key Features

  • 8ft X 8ft (244 X 244 cm) or 8ft X 12 ft (244 X 366 cm) stainless steel screen.
  • Efficient screen design, whose opening sizes were carefully dimensioned, in order to produce a great quality of recycled liquid.
  • 409 stainless steel construction. Type 409 is a ferritic stainless steel having magnetic properties.
  • Process daily manure output of 90 to 300 cows per hour.
  • Can be combined with a 8FT roller press for further reduction of the moisture content in the solids.
  • Simple design, no moving parts, low maintenance and minimal wear and tear.
Details Request
  • Stainless steel sieve
  • Efficient sieve construction
  • Processes the daily amount of manure from 90 to 300 dairy cows per hour
GEA Xpress

With 20 years of manure separation expertise we offer a system capable of producing top quality bedding. The Xpress distinguishes itself from other manure separation system by its ability to compress manure fiber without altering the fiber integrity. The Xpress’s fiber quality limits the amount of fiber becoming airborne as well as the amount of fiber sticking to the cow teats. The fiber resulting from these systems remains the best available comfort for your cows.

Details Request
  • Two compressed air cushions
  • Cascade pressing roller system
  • One piece scraper
Stallkamp PSG 3/4/5.5-600 und 5.5-750

The press screw separator continuously separates solid materials from liquids in a fully automated manner. The mixture to be separated is pumped into the inlet chamber from above and conveyed into the horizontal screen by the press screw. The pressing zone is located in the final sub-section of the screen, where even the tiniest particles are separated from the liquid. A permanently regenerating, compact solid cake emerges, which is pushed out of the solids outlet of the machine in a dry state. This can be collected effortlessly in simple tanks. The separate liquid flows through the outlet below on the machine housing. Due to the tight tolerances, the screen is kept permanently clean on the inside of the press screw.

Details Request
  • Inlet for the liquid to be separated
  • Outlet with square flange
  • gearmotor

The Stallkamp separators are ideally suited to separate a medium in solid and liquid fraction. The media is in the filter basket. The liquid fraction passes through the screen, wherein the solid fraction applies to the sieve. Through an armoured screw press this sieve is permanently cleaned and the solid is transported in the direction of ejection. The adjustable counter pressure at the discharge excited thereby the desired dryness of the solid.

The separators PSS 4-550 and PSS 5.5-550 are also available as mobile units large and small. Learn more in the following menu items.

Details Request
  • Hydraulic cone head with swivel device
  • Outlet with square flange
  • 4 kW geared motor