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NEUERO Mechanische Förderung

The serially galvanized screw conveyors from NEUERO are suitable for every yard operation. With conveyor lengths of 3 to 68 meters even long distances can be bridged.

The clockwise rotation of the screw conveyors is standard.

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  • Engine power of 0.75 - 15.00 Kw
  • Lengths of 3 - 68 meters
  • Flow rates of 15 - 200 tons / hour
NEUERO Pneumatische Förderung Körnergebläse

Fan with rotary valve, including flow regulator, motor (with ZG 1700 + ZG 1900 directly coupled), geared motor, complete V-belt drive (BG 120 and BG 130), inlet funnel Ø 800 mm, star-delta switch with motor protection switch for fan and gear motor (BG 130 with automatic star-delta switch .

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  • From 4.0 - 31.0 tons / hour capacity
  • Power of 4.0 - 22 KW


NEUERO Steuerungstechnik Förderung

The switching cabinet is equipped with a 460x340-mm film design. On the design sheet 32 double push buttons are pre-punched.The assembly takes place with key elements in 8 steps. Thus avoiding unnecessary assignments, an extension is possible at any time. The double push buttons are arranged in two rows of 16 pieces, between which a 120 mm high and 350 mm long, dust-proof flow diagram can be inserted.
By the flow diagram of the allocation of the dual pressure switch is very simple.
Each double push button is equipped with an LED to provide a clear signal. The drives are locked against each other in case of failure to prevent closing of the plant.
The controller can also be equipped with a PLC control to allow a fully automatic control of the system.

Details Request
  • 460x340 mm design film
  • 32 double push buttons
  • Extension possible at any time