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Mounted rotary ploughs

The Kuhn range of Multi-Master and Vari-Master ploughs meets all expectations. All these models are very robust and easy to adjust. They are available from 2 to 7 furrows. Even the basic models are equipped with stone fuses for different operating conditions: Breakaway bolt T or hydraulic non-stop stone safety device NSH.

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  • Robust
  • Easily adjustable
  • 2-7 furrowed



Semi-mounted bed ploughs

The Kuhn Vari-Lander XC semi-mounted plows meet the highest demands: Hydraulic non-stop stone protection and disc coulters with collision protection for even greater ease of use, adjustable cutting width for maximum flexibility when plowing, large passage (115 cm body clearance, 87 cm frame height) for a smooth use even with a high proportion of crop residues.

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  • Hydraulic nonstop stone safety
  • Flexible
  • Great passage
Semi-mounted reversible ploughs
The semi-mounted attachment allows the Manager, Vari-Manager and Challenger ploughs to be used with a higher number of furrows at the same tractor power as a comparable fully mounted reversible plough.  They are nevertheless very manoeuvrable, can plough even the narrowest plots and still produce high area outputs.
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  • 5-12 furrowed
  • More quickly
  • maneuverable
Pre-loosener DC

2 models DC

In the case of compacted soils or existing plough bottoms, there is an urgent need for action to maximise their productivity. KUHN deep looseners and pre looseners optimize soil tillage and ensure higher yields: Breaking up the soil, improving soil/water management, stimulating mineralisation.

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  • High Quality Frame
  • Lower weight
  • Working width from 3-4 Meters
Combined tine / disc cultivator

4 models PERFORMER

Your time windows are limited and you want to loosen the soil deeply in one operation and work in the stubble flat at the same time? Then use the PERFORMER with all working modules. The front discs shred plant residues and roots, the tines mix the deeper soil layers and distribute the plant residues over the entire working horizon ("ONE-PASS" system). 

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  • High Quality Frame
  • Lower weight
  • Working width from 4-7 Meters
Short disc harrows OPTIMER

OPTIMER, a short disc harrow with independent discs, is the ideal tool for stubble breaking at high working speeds. It creates the best conditions for the emergence of volunteer grain and weed seeds, promotes the rotting of harvest residues and maintains soil moisture. As flexible as it is, it can also be used for seedbed preparation. The large frame height (unique on the market) allows it to be used for a large number of harvest residues. The disc hubs are permanently lubricated and therefore require no maintenance.

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  • High working speed
  • Working width from 3-6 Meters
  • Power requirement from 150-300HP
Stubble cultivators with tines

The tine cultivators of the CULTIMER L 100 series are characterised by their great versatility: They can be used universally for shallow stubble cultivation as well as for deeper soil tillage. The new tines with 600 kg release pressure at the point of the coulter are guided stably to the correct depth even in hard soils.

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  • Versatile useable
  • Relieable
  • Working width from 3-6 Meters
Disc harrows in X-shape

KUHN DISCOLANDER / DISCOVER disc harrows will help to increase the profitability of your business. The main advantages - robustness, working quality, operational comfort - are underlined by a central tube or large frame.

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  • High operational comfort
  • Economically
  • Working width from 3,7-5,2 Meters
Attached devices for strip processing

4 models STRIGER

KUHN, the world leader in soil tillage and precision seeding technology, presents the STRIGER, a new system for soil tillage. With this machine, the soil will only be cultivated in the area of the future row of row crops such as maize, sunflower or sugar beet, but also rape. Strip-Till, also known as strip tillage, is one of the conservation methods and contributes to reducing soil erosion and drying out. At the same time, this technology reduces machine costs and maintains the yield potential of the parcel. 

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  • Strip-Till
  • Working width from 3-6 Meters
  • Versatile

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